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With aid of the environment support program Life+ of the European Union.

The Project


Thanks to LIFE+, from 2012 to 2018 the Biological Stations in the District of Düren the StädteRegion Aachen had a budget of 2.3 million euros at their disposal that enabled them to undertake numerous nature conservation measures aimed at the protection and restoration of endangered habitats.

The Natura 2000 site “Kalltal und Nebentäler” (DE 5303-302) [Kall Valley and its side valleys] set the scene for a variety of actions promoting semi-natural alluvial habitats, as well as for conservation-based enhancement of both the fish fauna and the fauna of the flood-plain habitats along the streams:

Initial development of alluvial forests on approximately 10 hectares of former spruce forests;

resumption of a sustainable land use on 12 hectares of bushy wet meadows in the floodplains;

purchase of around 10 hectares of grassland and forests by the district government of Cologne, department of “Nature and Landscape Conservation”, thereby permanently securing the conservation of nature;

restoration of the passabiliy of the river Kall and its larger tributaries over a distance of 33 km;
• removal of stream pipes and construction of bridges at 13 locations;
• modification of culverts at four locations;
• remodelling of barrages and weirs at five locations;
• redesign of two fords;

restoration of semi-natural creeks: removal of bank and riverbed reinforcements;

• creation of eight water bodies and thus new habitats for amphibians and dragonflies;

• comprehensive monitoring studies of plants, butterflies, fish and living organisms in the interstitial gravel systems of the streams to document the success of the measures taken;

information provided to the public by way of exhibitions, internet and leaflets, a hiking and cycling guide through the project area and permanent information boards at three locations that are highly frequented by tourists;

Environmental education: presentation of short films about the project and about beavers in schools, at the National Parc Gates and at information stands as well as supporting a film project involving school classes.